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Justice for Angelo Quinto Abolitionist Toolkit

Angelo Quinto was a 30-year-old Filipino American who was killed by police during a mental health crisis.

Quinto is just one of many who have been killed via state-sanctioned violence and incompetence in the past year and in history. His unjust death reaffirms what we have always known: the police are not equipped to protect us.

There is a way out: through abolition of the prison-industrial complex (PIC).

Below is a toolkit to work towards abolition. If you have any resources to add, email us, tweet us, or DM us on Instagram or Facebook.

Take Action: Justice for Angelo Quinto

  • Learn more on what happened (CW: police brutality, racial violence)

  • Read his obituary and honor his life

Addressing a Mental Health Crisis, Without Police

  • Behavior Health Crisis Alternatives from Vera Institute of Justice

  • Call hotlines where they are available, knowing that many hotline staffers are required to notify authorities if situations escalate.

  • Utilize the following toolkits and resources to equip yourself and your community with the knowledge and ability to de-escalate and care for people in crisis.

  • Advocate for funding community and life-affirming programs—such as guaranteed housing, food, education, and mental health resources—instead of investing in the police​​​​​​​ (Yes, this includes skipping out on body cams and training reforms).

Abolitionist Organizations in the Bay Area

Toolkits & Resources

*Pull helpful information from these and adjust to local needs

Relevant Reading

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