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More Misinformation on Social Media Sites Used by Asian Americans

We’re trying to bring
these leftist, progressive points of view to WeChat, and in doing that we’re finding that we’re reaching not just people who are first-generation or our parents’ ages. We’ve expanded our work into English-language social media too, as we’ve realized the power of social media in general for bringing these progressive ideas to people and to start conversations.


For example, there is the Xinsheng Project, formerly called The WeChat Project... They then felt like [Black Lives Matter] content need[s] to get more space and need to be read. But they primarily wrote in English, so they teamed up with a lot of international students who helped them to translate it to Chinese, and they published it on WeChat.

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Diasporas, Disinformation, Disenfranchisement: Addressing Non-English Election Disinformation

Civil society actors have consistently been the fastest to sound the alarm in noticing and acting against disinformation targeting communities of color... Examples of this include the Xin Sheng Project... started by second-generation Chinese Americans during the 2020 elections to address misinformation they observed on WeChat. 

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